Silicone rubber is a polymer that has a "backbone" of silicon-oxygen linkages, the same bond that is found in quartz, glass and sand. Normally, heat is required to vulcanise (set) the silicone rubber; this is normally carried out in a two stage process at the point of manufacture into the desired shape, and then in a prolonged post-cure process. It can also be injection molded.

Silicone rubber offers good resistance to extreme temperatures, being able to operate normally from -55°C to +300°C. At the extreme temperatures, the tensile strength, elongation, tear strength and compression set can be far superior to conventional rubbers although still low relative to other materials. Organic rubber has a carbon to carbon backbone which can leave them susceptible to ozone, UV, heat and other ageing factors that silicone rubber can withstand well. This makes it one of the elastomers of choice in many extreme environments.

Compared to other organic rubbers, however, silicone rubber has a very low tensile strength. For this reason, care is needed in designing products to withstand even low imposed loads. Silicone rubber is a highly inert material and does not react with most chemicals. Due to its inertness, it is used in many medical applications and in medical implants. However, typical medical products like breast implants and catheters have failed because of poor design.

Once milled and coloured, silicone rubber can be extruded into tubes, strips, solid cord or custom profiles according the size restrictions of the manufacturer. Cord can be joined to make "O" Rings and extruded profiles can be joined to make seals. Silicone rubber can be moulded into custom shapes and designs.

Becoming more and more common at the consumer level, silicone rubber products can be found in every room of a typical home. From automotive applications; to a large variety of cooking, baking, and food storage products; to apparel, undergarments, sportswear, and footwear; to electronics; to home repair and hardware, and a host of unseen applications.

Non-dyed silicone rubber tape with an iron-oxide additive (making the tape a red-orange colour) is used extensively in aviation and aerospace wiring applications as a splice or wrapping tape due to its non-flammable nature. The iron-oxide additive adds high thermal conductivity but does not change the high electrical insulation property of the silicone rubber. This type of tape self-fuses or amalgamates without any added adhesive.

Precipitated Silica Heat Cured Rubber
Feature SiSiB® Elastomer Application
High Grade Molding

SiSiB® HR0230
SiSiB® HR0240
SiSiB® HR0250
SiSiB® HR0260
SiSiB® HR0270
SiSiB® HR0280
SiSiB® HR0290

Keypad, Kitchenware, Sealant Part, Roller, Car Fittings, Others
Economical Molding SiSiB® HR0130
SiSiB® HR0140
SiSiB® HR0150
SiSiB® HR0160
SiSiB® HR0170
SiSiB® HR0180
Keypad, Kitchenware, Sealant Part, Roller, Car Fittings, Others

SiSiB® HR0650
SiSiB® HR0660
SiSiB® HR0670
SiSiB® HR0760
SiSiB® HR0770
SiSiB® HR0870

Electrical Wire, Cable, Tube
High Bound Resilience SiSiB® HR0550
SiSiB® HR0560
SiSiB® HR0570
Keypad, Kitchenware, Sealant Part, Roller, Car Fittings, Others
Fumed Silica Heat Cured Rubber
High Strength

SiSiB® HR2030
SiSiB® HR2040
SiSiB® HR2050
SiSiB® HR2060
SiSiB® HR2070
SiSiB® HR2075
SiSiB® HR2080

Keypad, Kitchenware, Sealant Part, Roller, Car Fittings,
Swimming Accessory, Others
High Transparency & High Strength SiSiB® HR2130
SiSiB® HR2140
SiSiB® HR2150
SiSiB® HR2160
SiSiB® HR2170
SiSiB® HR2180
Keypad, Kitchenware, Baby Nipple, Sealant Part, Roller, Car
Fittings, Swimming Accessory, Others
High Tear Strength SiSiB® HR2230
SiSiB® HR2240
SiSiB® HR2250
SiSiB® HR2260
SiSiB® HR2270
Keypad, Kitchenware, Car Fittings, Others
Extrusion SiSiB® HR2360
SiSiB® HR2370
Electrical Wire, Cable, Tube, Kitchenware
High Bound Resilience SiSiB® HR2540
SiSiB® HR2550
SiSiB® HR2560
SiSiB® HR2570
Long-life Keypad, Kitchenware, Sealant Part, Roller, Others
Special Application Heat Cured Rubber

SiSiB® HR6030
SiSiB® HR6040
SiSiB® HR6050
SiSiB® HR6060
SiSiB® HR6070
SiSiB® HR6080
SiSiB® HR6080
SiSiB® HR6090

Keypad, Electrical Wire, Cable, Tube, Others
Oil-Resistant SiSiB® HR6130
SiSiB® HR6150
SiSiB® HR6170
Sealant Part, Roller, Others
Heat Resistant SiSiB® HR6251
SiSiB® HR6261
SiSiB® HR6271
SiSiB® HR6252
SiSiB® HR6262
SiSiB® HR6272
SiSiB® HR6253
SiSiB® HR6263
SiSiB® HR6273
Sealant Part, Roller, Others
Self-Lubricated SiSiB® HR6320
SiSiB® HR6330
SiSiB® HR6340
SiSiB® HR6350
SiSiB® HR6360
Sealant Part, Roller, Others
High Strength Self-Lubricated

SiSiB® HR6321
SiSiB® HR6331
SiSiB® HR6341
SiSiB® HR6351
SiSiB® HR6361

Sealant Part, Roller, Others
High Voltage Insulator SiSiB® HR6550
SiSiB® HR6560
SiSiB® HR6570
Low Hardness SiSiB® HR6808
SiSiB® HR6820
SiSiB® HR6825
Car Fittings, Swimming Accessory, Others
Liquid Silicone Rubber
General Purpose

SiSiB® LR8020
SiSiB® LR8030
SiSiB® LR8040
SiSiB® LR8050
SiSiB® LR8060
SiSiB® LR8070

Keypad, Seals, Others
High Transparency & High Strength SiSiB® LR8110
SiSiB® LR8120
SiSiB® LR8130
SiSiB® LR8140
SiSiB® LR8150
SiSiB® LR8160
SiSiB® LR8170
SiSiB® LR8180
Keypad, Seal, Kitchenware, Baby Nipple, Feeding Bottle,
Swimming Accessory, Parts
High Strength SiSiB® LR8210
SiSiB® LR8220
SiSiB® LR8230
SiSiB® LR8240
SiSiB® LR8250
SiSiB® LR8260
SiSiB® LR8270
SiSiB® LR8280
Keypad, Seals, Kitchenware, Others
Base Compound for Silicone Ink SiSiB® LR8650 Ink, Feel Agent
Base Compound for Silicone Vanish SiSiB® LR8940 Vanish for Glass Fiber Wire

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